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We make it easy for ANYONE to learn and revise key anatomy topics

Ever struggled with big anatomy terms and/or motivation for revision?

Anatomy Stories consists of a series of podcasts on key anatomy topics, especially those found in the MBBS or MRCS exams. This resource may also be suitable for nursing students, as well as courses where where anatomy is a key component. The aim is to make anatomy more memorable and part of your everyday language. You can even listen and revise whilst doing other tasks! This resource has been created by two doctors who struggled with learning anatomy during medical school. Now we are surgeons.

So if we can do it, then you surely can.


Anatomy stories consists of 6 main anatomy sections and most sections have an average of 20 podcasts which are up to 5 minutes long:

  • Head and Neck

  • Thorax 

  • Abdomen 

  • Pelvis

  • Upper Limbs

  • Lower Limbs 

  • (Miscellaneous)

Tips for using Anatomy Stories

We recommend listening to these podcasts section by section over 6 weeks after consolidating your revision notes. Alternatively, if you have left little time to revise, you could listen to one section per week or per day as part of your anatomy revision, whilst revising other topics of the MBBS or MRCS exams.

To hear sample podcasts, please click onto the 'Plans and Pricing' page.

Happy Revising!

Best wishes,

The Anatomy Stories Team